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Are you in two minds about which among natural grass and artificial grass to choose from for your backyard? If you are considering the number of benefits you can enjoy from it, you may consider installing the increasingly popular artificial grass. Artificial grass, aka synthetic grass or synthetic turf or fake grass, is a near-natural, environment-friendly, all-weather, long- lasting, and more importantly, low-maintenance aesthetic solution for your backyard, terrace, or balcony. You can even have them installed in other outdoor spaces such as commercial spaces, schools & colleges, and sports fields. Whether the conditions are arid and dry or drenched and dampened, artificial grass on the market today offers homeowners the choice of having a healthy, lively, and verdant lawn all through the year.

While fake grass can strikingly transpire its nature from far away, high- quality synthetic turf or grass, a surface of synthetic fibers on a rubber or polyester base, mimic natural grass both in utilitarian and aesthetic aspects. Long gone was the period when synthetic turf was regarded as a poor replacement for the real one. What was perceived from a km away, of yore, has become an avant-garde and technologically-advanced product that virtually mirrors natural grass. Designed with a natural appearance and texture, it acts as a rival against the real thing. There are various styles of synthetic grass that cater to individual preferences, simple to install and hassle-free. You can relax and play on artificial grass with no recurring maintenance and ongoing costs. What’s more, synthetic turf Decor eazy is now more budget-friendly than ever.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

There are umpteen benefits of having artificial grass and a few of them are listed below:
  • A difference in appearance, feel, density, and texture.
  • Always greenish
  • Remains unsullied all through the year
  • Low cost, one of the most deciding factors to buy artificial grass
  • Saves water, time, and money
  • Does not attract bugs
  • Doesn’t need a lawn mower anymore
  • Child-friendly and mess-free - perfect for playing on
  • Remarkable longevity
  • A safer option, especially for the elderly and people prone to skin allergies, as it requires no chemicals and pesticides
  • Weather-proof and can withstand wear and tear
  • Can be recycled when you feel you want a replacement

At DecorEazy, we offer vintage, long-lasting, artificial grass solutions, for homeowners and businesses. Fill out the Contact Us Form to get a call back or simply Dial us or Whatsapp us. and our experts will install them at the appointed time. Being in the business for around two decades, DecorEazy will give you peace-of-mind trust that your backyard will have a high-quality, near-natural lawn, laid to perfection, in no time.

Types Of Artificial Grass

A Wide Range of Selection of Artificial Grass to Choose From

Artificial Grass

Create an amazing appeal, natural and enthralling, with the most amazing artificial grass carpet designed for smoothness and greenery.

Sports Turf

Give a sporty look and appeal to your turf with an artificial grass carpet that looks like natural grass to offer a sportive feel to the ground.


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Artificial Grass FAQ's

Synthetic grass is UV-stabilized for great protection against the sun. That is to say, it will not fade or discolor in sunlight, and will maintain its green color.

Artificial grass is safe for children or allergic people, as long as you select the right turf from a reliable manufacturer.

Artificial grass can last up to 7 years in your lawn or playground, and with good safekeeping, the lush greenery can be maintained for up to 10 years.

Artificial grass can range from Rs. 49/sq. ft. to Rs. 180/sq. Ft., including delivery, in India.

Artificial grass has an effective drainage system with excellently designed mesh. So, you don’t have to worry about grass- flooding in the rainy season.

The synthetic fiber is typically made of nylon, propylene, or polyethylene planted on rubber or poly ester foam base.

Although most people fix a once-in-a-month schedule for cleaning, giving your artificial grass-covered backyard a weekly cleansing is recommended.

One of the main reasons that artificial grass is becoming popular, and people are choosing to switch from natural grass to artificial turf is to reduce the consumption of water. Natural grass requires copious amounts of water, ensuing huge water bills. However, it is a misconception that synthetic turf is a no-water option. You do need to spray water occasionally. For instance, to rinse off dirt and dust, spraying water with a garden hose is necessary. This also depends on the amount of dust your area accumulates. Most people spray water on a bi-weekly basis to keep their turf clean and looking vibrant, but you must increase the frequency if your area attracts more dust. For pet turf, after clearing solid wastes, you need water to hose down the spots littered by pets to clean it and avoid the build up of stench.

Absolutely. With time artificial grass gets covered with dirt and debris, and you need to clean it to prevent any foul odour and maintain its appealing look.

Yes, you can remove artificial grass easily by raking it from the surface using a shovel.


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