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Are you looking to minimize outdoor light into your premises? If so, then vertical blinds are what you have been looking for?

Vertical blinds combine beauty, easy maintenance, and excellent light control with a rich variety of textures, patterns. So whether you are looking for maximum light control, exquisite design, or a simple yet versatile product.

Blinds are a popular window covering option for many homes. They offer an attractive way to control the degree of light and privacy in a room while also adding a decorative touch. Blinds are typically made from materials such as standard fabrics, dimout fabrics, khadi fabrics, and blackout fabrics but can also be crafted from natural fibers like bamboo and jute. Blinds come in a variety of styles, including vertical blinds. Vertical Blinds include both office vertical blinds and home vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds are a popular window treatment for many homes and offices. They are ideal for providing privacy, insulation, and light control when desired. Vertical blinds also offer an attractive way to decorate windows and can be used in both residential and commercial settings.

Made from a range of materials, including fabric, vinyl, or metal slats, vertical blinds for windows are mounted on the top of a window frame and can be opened by rotating the slats in one direction or the other using an attached cord or wand mechanism. This allows homeowners to control the amount of light that enters their homes without having to close off the view outside their windows completely. Vertical blinds can also be pulled all the way back to provide an unobstructed view when desired. Additionally, they come in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose something that will match your décor perfectly.


Stylish & Aesthetic Look

Vertical blinds, both traditional and contemporary, strike the perfect blend between fashion and utility. They dress up windows beautifully and give the impression that your space is larger.

Effective in Controlling Light

Vertical blinds can be used to let sunlight in or, in the case of excessive sunshine, to totally block the light.

Low Maintenance

They require very little upkeep and are quite simple to clean; when dust and filth build up, simply dust, vacuum, or wipe them down.

Privacy Protection

Vertical blinds' slats may be deftly angled so that they are partially closed but yet allow for natural light and privacy.

Enhanced Durability

They are timeless, strong, and will keep their fresh appearance for many years. Vertical blinds of high quality that are created to order are intended to last for 5 to 10 years.

Child Safe

Children can safely use vertical blinds that have been installed properly because they contain safety features that prevent your youngster from hanging themselves on the blind's cord.


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Customer satisfaction is the primary focus of our post-sale services. We concentrate mostly on checking the blinds' good operation. The blinds are then examined for damage, and any moving or mechanical parts are lubricated. Finally, we examine the fastening to make sure the blinds are secure. Ultimately, we provide a written report and an estimated cost for the required repairs.


Our company conducts research and development (R&D) activities. We are constantly looking for the finest possible blinds options. We concentrate on establishing innovative blind technologies and offering superior materials for use in producing blinds of all kinds.


Customized blinds are our area of expertise at Blind Basket. Our company has created custom blinds for several of our customers. We customize printed vertical blinds by printing high-quality images according to the customer's choice.

Vertical Blind FAQ's

Because they are practical and are offered in an expanding number of contemporary fabrics and materials, vertical blinds are still relevant today.

Large rooms benefit from full-length vertical blinds, whereas smaller rooms and other moist areas like the kitchen and bathroom are better suited for aluminum venetian blinds.

Definitely, yes. Since their louvres can be adjusted all the way around, from fully open to fully closed, and every point in between, they offer about as much control as any blind can in this regard. This gives you the ability to direct or filter light while maintaining your privacy.

In 2023, vertical blinds will still be widely used. Their unique ability to regulate light and vertical stacking makes them especially well-suited for covering big windows or sliding doors.

Vertical blinds provide excellent light and privacy control. You may allow in the maximum light and let the outside in by rolling back the blinds. By angling the louvres, you may quickly strike a balance between the requirement for privacy and light, though.

Good quality vertical blinds don't need to be treated delicately and can survive for 5 to 10 years while being opened, closed, and adjusted frequently throughout the day. However, if handled violently or misused, they won't last as long.

Actually, vertical blinds are an excellent option for bedroom blinds and have a lot going for them. Many people equate vertical blinds with offices, but if that describes you, you've definitely never looked at all the current colors and finishes available for them!

To add some elegance to your space, there are a few simple ways to place curtains on top of vertical blinds. Use a basic tension rod or, for a more austere look, drape drapes from an established rod over the cornice.

Vertical blinds are frequently the least expensive option overall if you're looking for blinds for particularly large, tall, or broad windows. This is because other types of blinds can only be constructed to a certain height and breadth, and their weight can also be an issue.

Yes, we make custom-printed blinds. The process is simple; you can send a high-resolution picture of your own, or you can select a picture from Shutterstock, and we can customize your binds according to the picture.


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