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Digital printing is changing the way we look at windows and the way we look at decorating.

You can now print photos, drawings, logos, sporting teams, patterns, design, and your favourite Scenery The possibilities are endless.

Printed Blinds can add a dash of colour innovation and creativity to your rooms. You can send us your favourite design to enhance your home. Yes, Kids can choose their favourite Cartoon character on windows shades,

We print any High Resolution Pictures you provide, Our Team will help you to download your favourite pictures from the website and also motorized options are available!

Custom window blinds. Promotional printed blinds. Advertise & promote your business.

Blinds are an important accessory for homes. Blinds never go out of the criterion. Apart from giving a fashionable yet sober look to the space it keeps out the dust, heat, and the unnecessary attention of snoopers on what is going on inside. Are you looking for a blind that goes with every kind of space? Do not miss out on the vibe you can get by inculcating printed blinds in your room which are available in different materials and textures. Printed blinds for windows are always a go if you are out for some aesthetic vibes and the most sophisticated looks.

Canvas, wood, and some fancy cotton are all that it takes to put together art-printed blinds. A typical blind is made up of long slats running horizontally or vertically and they can also be monitored either manually or through a remote control. You can choose from the readymade ones or get yours customized by submitting the measurements. The choice is yours to make. The readymade ones are economical and available at any time but the measuring ones are a lot more expensive. Choose whatever goes best for you.

These blinds are also known as Venetian blinds and come in different styles, colors and patterns depending on the type used for the lift cords. These blinds are available in such diversity because human minds have no end to their creativity. They create things that make others awestruck.


Classy and Elegant

The plain yet comfy blinds have this aura of elegance around them. You can't afford to miss out on these and give your room what it needs. The more appropriate your choices the classier the look.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning and putting the blinds in place can't get any easier than it already is. So, it's only an added convenience for you.

Worth The Investment

Since the blinds are durable and also cater to your needs while being economical at the same time, there is nothing more worth than investing in such an item.

Enhanced Durability

The blinds are not easy to get stained but are also easy to handle because of their lightweight. This only enhances their durability and working quality.

Effective in Controlling Light

Printed wooden blinds are insulators that block the sun when needed and help you to keep the house cool. If you want the light to partially invade, you can set the blinds to an angle suitable.

Stylish & Aesthetic Look

Since nature has no bounds, woods are available in different types. It can be teakwood, oakwood, rosewood, and whatnot!


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Printed Blind FAQ's

Light exposure to printed blinds may cause fading or discoloration. If your printed blind is of a light color, it will show more evidently.

In 2023 the crowd has inclined even more towards selecting what is natural. Wooden shutters, real and imitation woods, and other natural items are a good selection to complement the current trends.

Well, you won’t ask this question once you get a taste of it. The only thing you need to do is prevent installing them in high-humidity areas like the kitchen and you will be good to go.


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