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Triple Shade Blinds

Triple shade Blinds (3 Shade Blinds) consist of three layers. Between two layers of beautiful sheer fabric sits one layer of horizontal Venetian style. These versatile blinds are designed with a compact roller system and can block out light and maintain privacy with ease. If you wish to enjoy an unobstructed view of the world outside, they can easily be rolled up.

Tripleshade Blinds provide the benefits of multiple blinds in one single product, functioning as both a blind and a curtain. Throughout the day, sunlight can be adjusted by moving the horizontal vane up and down. The unique angles of the slats allow for light to soften before entering the room, which will protect your furniture and interior from harsh, damaging ultraviolet rays. For maximum privacy at night, simply close the slats to block out the outside world.

In addition to their contemporary and sleek appearance, one of the greatest benefits of these blinds is how low maintenance they are. All you need to do is brush them now and again to make sure they stay free of any dust and debris that may be in the air.

Blinds basket’s Triple shade Blinds lets you control the angle of the horizontal panels, but also retracts the blind completely into its stylishly designed cassette system. Blinds basket’s Triple shade Blinds are custom-made in Bangalore, and have been designed specifically for WA conditions, so you’ll know that your window dressings are built to last.

Why choose Triple shade Blinds?

  • Sleek and contemporary appearance

  • Bring elegance to any room

  • Made with 3 fabric layers

  • Complete light and privacy control

Revitalize the interiors of your home with elegant and attractive blinds. It is an essential product in offering privacy through the window shading effect. They block sunlight partially or completely, thereby depending on the homeowner’s requirements.

Here we will discuss a unique blind type: triple shade blinds. These blinds incorporate basic elements like 2 layers of lightweight sheer fabric that are interlayered with a fabric vane and suspended. However, the layering of fabric gives a wonderful appearance of floating when its vanes are open. This unique blind operates like a roller blind and opens like a Venetian blind. It gives a beautiful and soft Venetian look to the area where it is installed.

Tri-shade blinds are a style statement for every home that can completely change the aura of the room. It permits you to maximize the light and shading effect all through the day, thereby offering privacy as well. During day time, you have the option to open the sheer vanes so the a soft diffused light enters your room. On the other hand, at night you can close the triple shade blind and the inter-layering fabric vanes merge so well that it gives a solid block of color in your room. You get the privacy that you need from the outside world.


Multiple Dimensions

Triple shade blinds come with 1-inch, 1.5-inch, and 2-inches slats, thereby allowing you to enjoy the natural lighting.

Elegant and Tasteful

These blinds give you a pleasurable look at the world outside the window. Not only are they elegant, but they can also roll up and give a refined look to the room.

Low Maintenance

Apart from having a soft and fashionable feel, these blinds need low maintenance. Cleaning these blinds yourself is not a task at all.

Enhanced Durability

The blinds are lightweight and easy to manage. You do not need to put in much effort to maintain it and these blinds offer immense resilience.

Effective to Control Light

The blinds are basically energy-saving sheers that generate heat boundaries. They act like an insulator and obstruct sunlight when needed.

Worth Every Penny Spent

You will not regret it at all when you get tri-shade blinds for your room. Since these blinds offer sturdiness, you need not think about how much you are investing in them.


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Our tri-color blinds offer the advantages of multiple blinds. It functions as a blind as well as a curtain. The vanes can incline from fully open to fully close in order to control the correct amount of light. Now, it’s your choice what you need for your housing and commercial area.

Triple Shade Blind FAQ's

Selecting the design and fabric of tri-shade blinds is easy with us. You can view our recent designs and pick the best one for yourself. And, if you still have doubts you can get in touch with our design experts. They will assist you will live samples.

Yes, they are durable and can last for say eight to nine years. You need to take good care of it. Regular cleaning ensures that it has enough durability.

Getting an estimate for these blinds is possible in three simple steps. Firstly, select the window blind design, then measure the size and lastly call us. We will give you a fair idea about the product cost.

Yes, you are on the correct platform. With us, you need not worry about tri-color blinds as we have several options available with us. Our blinds will never go out of fashion because of the comfort and user-friendly features it possesses.

These blinds are a variation of usual roller blinds and it brings in style and sophistication of vertical and horizontal slats that are seen in Venetian blinds.

Triple-shade blinds can be customized as per your need. It does not only adapt to residential purposes but is a great fit for corporate spaces. It protects from solar rays and gives you extreme privacy to a wonderful outside view.

Generation Z is very much towards sophistication and elegance. And, these blinds are an ideal option that will give them peace of mind for say a good number of years.


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