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Roller Blinds is one where the blinds material (generally a stiff material) is rolled onto a roller, which is generally made from Fabric. This roller sits at the top of the window and can be lowered as you wish. You can either lower the roller fully so as to cover the window, or you can lower it partially.

Translucent fabrics allow light yet give complete privacy whilst blockout fabrics bring darkness. Screen fabrics allow view yet give privacy and canvas fabrics stop the heat. By walking through your house office you can ascertain what type of blinds suits each office room/window.

When it comes up to setting up a place, be it your home or office, blinds are one of the most important parts of the decor. The idea here is to get protection from sunlight and dust as well as maintain privacy in the room by entirely blocking what is unimportant.

Speaking about the types of blinds available in the market, one of the most popular ones is Roller Blinds. With their translucent fabric, Roller Blinds on Windows and Doors allow the light to come in a while keeping the privacy factor intact. They are easily available and can be customized according to the needs of the customer. This particular kind of blind is available in two varieties, one is Chain Roller Blinds and the other one is Motorized Roller Blinds.

As the name suggests, Chain Roller Blinds can be pulled up or down using a plastic chain on the side. The Motorized ones are operated with the help of a battery or power and can be easily controlled using a remote. Motorized Roller Blinds are ideal for an office set-up in personal cabins, conference rooms, and pantry areas amongst others. The Chain Blinders on the other hand are perfect for your living rooms, bedrooms, and storage area amongst others.


Versatile and Easy to Use

Roller blinds both chain and motorized are extremely user-friendly. Apart from this, they are also versatile in look and usage which is perfect for your home as well as your office.

Easy to Clean

Roller blinds are nothing but flat and vertical sheets of fabric that attract minimal dust on the surface. All you have to do is open the blinds and clean them softly with a feather brush or wipe it with a wet cloth.

Low Maintenance

The flat surface of the product here makes it very easy to use and maintain the blinds. Waterproof blinds made with either PVC or vinyl instead of polyester are super easy to maintain in a long run.

Safe For Children

Roller blinds that have been installed properly are extremely safe for your children. Please make sure to not put up blinds with exposed cords in the room.

Effective Solar Protection

The translucent fabric used in roller blinds actively reduces heat transmission in the room making sure the room does not get too warm.

Dirt Repellent

The fabric used in roller blinds not only gives them a sleek and stylish look but also keeps the exposure to dirt minimal here. These blinds do not let the accumulate on their surface easily.


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Roller Blind FAQ's

Roller blinds are very easy to use. A roller is placed at the top attached with a straight and translucent fabric which can be lowered down or pushed up when required. Chain Roller blinds are adjusted using a chain while motorized ones require a remote control.

Traditional Blinds use either horizontal or vertical slates in their design. These slates are often made from wood, plastic, or metal, and they are connected by cords that run through each one of them. On the other hand, Roller blinds use a single-length fabric to block excessive sunlight and maintain privacy in the room. They are low on maintenance and require minimal cleaning at regular intervals.

The trick here is to be careful while getting the blinds installed in your house. Make sure to never leave any exposed cords while getting the blinds installed. Our Post Sales service intends to give the best experience to our customers.

Roller Blinds are super easy to clean and maintain. The flat and vertical structure does not let any dirt accumulate on the surface of the blinds making it super easy to clean it with a feather brush or a dusting cloth.

Roller Blinds for Doors and Windows are something which can never go out of style. Its sleek and simplistic finish is just what you need in your homes this year.

Yes, we provide motorized roller blinds as well. They are perfect for your offices adding a hint of style and making it look much more professional. They will equally compliment your living area, bedroom or balcony as well.

Blinds Basket specializes in customized blinds. Our experts will guide you accordingly keeping your needs in check so that you get the best for your place.

Yes, it is. All you have to do is send us high-resolution images of your own or select a pic form here from this link, and done. Your blinds will get customized the way you want them to be.

Roller Blinds can look chic in both set-ups be it at home or office. They look equally good on large windows as well. People prefer roller blinds over others because its single-length design provides effective sunlight protection and increases the privacy factor as well.


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